16th – 20th August  2019

Montecatini Terme – Italy


ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Maria Giulia Grazzini

The Masterclass may be attended exclusively through selective audition and are aimed at the in-depth study of the masterworks of world opera. The intensive educational programme has been designed in a highly appealing and rewarding format, featuring daily lessons in a variety of venues, specific workshops in the Italian language and culture, as well as seminars open to auditors and themed events.

The masterclass is an unmissable opportunity to interact with professors of undoubted prestige which will leave an indelible mark upon each participants future artistic career.


PATRIZIA CIGNA, soprano: vocal coach

CARLO ANTONIO DE LUCIA, producer : movement and stage-craft

PAOLO RUGGIERO, baritone: vocal mechanism, posture and breathing in singing

ANGELA GANDOLFO, soprano: phonetics and diction in singing

ROBERTO BARRALI, pianist: study of the score and piano repetiteur