Application Regulations



16th – 20th August 2019 – Montecatini Terme


PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: Associazione Culturale Il Parnaso

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Maria Giulia Grazzini

Article 1

The Academy is open to male and female Italian and foreign opera singers who are aged 18 or over on 16th August 2019.


Article 2

Admission is exclusively through online pre-selection or live auditions which will be held in Italy and abroad.


Article 3

Admission to the online pre-selection is only via email.

Please enclose the following with your application to the MOA administration (info@montecatinioperacademy.com):

  • Completed application form (available to download from this page)
  • Proof of payment of the application/online pre-selection fee: €60,00 (not reimbursable).
  • A photocopy of your passport/ ID document valid for the entire length of the Academy.
  • A passport-size photograph (JPEG format).
  • An up-to-date copy of professional resume (maximum two pages) in Italian or English.
  • A video of the maximum duration of 12 minutes, featuring 2 arias in their original language, filmed in frontal view in two separate tracks. One must be in Italian and should preferably include a recitativo and cabaletta. High quality audio and video should be used. The arias should be accompanied by piano or orchestra; unaccompanied tracks will not be accepted. The submitted recordings are confidential. The title of each file should specify the candidate’s name and surname, followed by the title of the aria (use abbreviations if necessary).

Application deadline: 23.59 (GMT+1) on 31st July 2019 (candidates submitting late applications will be excluded from the pre-selection process)

The application procedures may be modified at the Director’s discretion.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


Article 4

The live pre-selection timetable will be published at a later date.

The live pre-selection for candidates from the Russian Federation will take place in:

  • the “Victor Popov Academy of Choral Arts” – Moscow. In order to obtain any information they may need, applicants may contact: info@axu.ru.
  • the “M.Mussorgsky Ural State Conservatoire” – Ekaterinenburg. In order to obtain any information they may need, applicants may contact: mail@uskon.sco.ru

Candidates who choose to do a live audition must attach a document from the live panel to prove the right to participate in the Masterclass.


Article 5

By submitting an application for pre-selection the candidate unconditionally accepts the decision of the examining committee, which is final.

All candidates will be informed of the pre-selection exclusively via the email address specified by the candidate.


Article 6

The application to the pre-selections implies acceptance of all the present application regulations.


Article 7

All participants in the Masterclass are automatically entitled to admission to the first round of the Competition without paying any additional fee.


Article 8

The professors of the Academy are:

PATRIZIA CIGNA, soprano: vocal coach

CARLO ANTONIO DE LUCIA, producer : movement and stage-craft

PAOLO RUGGIERO, baritone: vocal mechanism, posture and breathing in singing

ANGELA GANDOLFO, soprano: phonetics and diction in singing

ROBERTO BARRALI, pianist: study of the score and piano repetiteur


Article 9

The structure of the course is divided into the following modules: study of the score; vocal anatomy; musical, stylistic and interpretative refinement; movement and stage-craft; specific cultural study. The full program of the course may be consulted on the Academy website.


Article 10

A piano accompanist will be present at all lessons.


Article 11

A certificate of attendance will be given to all participants.


Article 12

Academy fee : € 500,00.

€ 400,00 for students of Conservatoires and Musical institutions. Please attach proof of attendance.

Payment deadline : 7th August 2019 (candidates submitting late applications will be excluded from the course)

The fee includes: lessons and seminars, insurance cover in course venues, tutoring, entry to all the spa establishments in Montecatini Terme; “Liberty Tour”; a reserved seat for the concert in the Montecatini Opera Festival on 16.08.2019; tour of the Foundation of Credito Cooperativo della Valdinievole which houses G. Verdi’s piano.


Article 13

All activities of the Academy are accessible to external auditors for a fee: € 150,00 (not reimbursable).

Payment of the Academy registration fee is not required.

Payment deadline: 7th August 2019 (candidates submitting late applications will be excluded from the course)


Article 14

The payment of the fees can be made with:

  • Paypal

  • Bank transfer

Recipient: Associazione culturale Il Parnaso, Viale Guido Baccelli 10, 7 – 51016 Montecatini Terme (PT)

Account number: 000000605479

Branch: Credito Cooperativo della Valdinievole – Montecatini Terme, (PT) – 51016 Montecatini Terme, Pistoia, Italy

IBAN: IT58D0800370462000000605479 BIC: ICRAITRR030

Reference: MOA 2019/Masterclass: Online pre-selection fee; MOA 2019/Masterclass: registration fee (or Student fee or Auditor fee)

Candidate (name and surname).

A copy of confirmation of payment should be included with the application. The application will not be considered valid if the fee has not been paid, and will not be considered by the examining committee even if complete in all other respects.


Article 15

Participants are responsible for the cost of transport and accommodation.

Prices for accommodation in our partner hotels are available on request.


Article 16

The Association “Il Parnaso” reserves the right to film and record all Academy activities for performances using videotape, tape, CD-DVD, films, Internet use , radio and TV, with no obligation towards any of the participants. Participation in the Academy implies full consent for use of images and sound from events from the entire course, and prize performances for eventual radio, TV or Internet broadcast, with no rights or fees of any kind being paid under any circumstances.


Article 17

For any further information please contact the MOA office: info@montecatinioperacademy.com


Article 18

In compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 the candidate’s personal data will be collected and processed solely for the purposes of the current selection as well as for similar future selections.


Article 19

The present pre-selection application regulations are published in Italian, English, Russian and Chinese. In case of controversy only the Italian version should be considered valid.