16th-23rd August 2019

Montecatini Terme – Italy


Art Director: Maria Giulia Grazzini

The Tuscan Spa-town of Montecatini Terme which offered hospitality to the great leaders of Italian opera such as Verdi, Leoncavallo and Puccini in the past, has now set out to renew its great passion for opera by aiming to shape the voices of the future.

The Academy is an artistic gem which greatly enriches the vast and prestigious programme of the Montecatini Opera Festival. This has become a successful yearly event which runs from April to October and which is turning Montecatini Terme into an international crossroads for music, the arts and culture.

The principal aim of the Academy is to develop a personal vocal and interpretative technique for each individual pupil with a highly formative programme founded on the constant exchange of diverse artistic experience and methodological approaches of various schools, offering a richer artistic experience together with the discovery of new artistic horizons.

Leonardo da Vinci was a universal genius and an excellent musician who can be considered as the ideal figure to symbolise the Academy. He is also linked to the local Nievole Valley, which can be seen in his early sketch of 1473 in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

The M.O.A. 2019 is divided in: Masterclass (16th -20th August) and Competition (21st-23rd August).

The opening event will be a staging of Verdi’s “La Traviata” with the winners of the M.O.A. Competition 2018.

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